Atari Teenage Riot - Cra$h Lyrics

I saw the reflection of the hellfire With my own eyes I do whatever feels right It comes at a high price

In this game you die the moment you freeze But always remember When we’ve overcome our fears We’ll truly be free

Getting closer We’re getting closer


We’ll reach the goal Getting closer

It’s a thrill, it’s a rush, it’s a suicide pill A beggar on a corner tells me about Jesus While a skeleton in a fur coat Being driven in a limousine

We all live for that perfect moment Dangerous, it’s so much fun Cause when you’ve woken up you see When you’ve woken up you see

Street demon Fly, fly, fly Everything slows down There is no time

Getting closer I will make it, I will make it, I will make it I will make it, I will make it Cra§h