Atari Teenage Riot - Erase Your Face Lyrics

Erase your face I get out of the house and walk towards the station It’s dark, deserted, I’m feeling lonely but connected Every move is being recorded and I know it But my anger is a gift And my biggest secret is that I actually stopped existing

I’m surprised how indifferent so many feel about the surveillance scandal Look up Germany’s history I have spoken to people who lived in Nazi and eastern socialist Germany The spying on your life by the state is one thing but what it does to your friends and family in the long run is beyond anything you can imagine right now You lose trust in people you love, every conversation becomes half lie / half truth It becomes part of everybody’s lives Nobody is an exception Ignore music, games or whatever you do right now and research the topic Anything you have said in the past can be twisted against you in a surveillance state Made the wrong joke in private? You are constantly being blackmailed by those in charge History has shown that these types of societies never last They get so corrupted with lies that many people will suffer in the end Everybody loses