Being As An Ocean - Grace, Teach Us What We Lack Lyrics

Here I stand High strung and alone In the court of your Lord’s most forgotten son Tell me witness, what’s the difference between addiction to truth and conviction?

The difference must lie in the actions Spread across a person’s life Did it prove to be obsession? Compelled to condemn what they don’t agree with Endlessly driven toward the “right” A creeping sickness afflicting the others’ lives

With proclamations of derision and disgrace Instead of offering an alternate way You shot us in the foot before we’d even begun to race! Conviction stands as a guiding rudder Through this world’s turbulence, storms, and thunder The helm turns according the movements of our hearts (This vessel dives and darts)

See conviction wells up inside, an imprint from above Seeks to reject injustice and not to judge Works to fix the things that are broken Walks in humble regard to their fellow man And never forgets that the greatest law is Love

The difference must lie in the actions (Was it out of Love or hate?) Did it prove to be obsession? (Looking at the walls you’ve made)

When I fell down there was no regret Just that lack of laughter, plus my newfound debt Be it freedom or a shortened spine, Us broken heathens have learned to lie to ourselves