Being As An Ocean - Nothing, Save the Power They're Given Lyrics

These words might mean nothing But it’s a chance I’m willing to take Cause maybe I’m wrong and lives can change I’m singing out of my insecurity So someone, somewhere might be impacted by what I’ve made I fidget and sway back and forth Biting my nails down until they bleed There is a lie that I’ve believed I’d tell you, but I’m so scared of what you’d think So I apologize if I’ve caused you to wake Just close your eyes and let the beat rock you back to sleep I’ll tell you in the morning About how this man you see Often times feels like a child Self-conscious and weak I’ll still put pen to paper Try to explain these things That invade my thoughts in my waking hours Stories of Kings and princes that have lost their way God, we’d give anything just to feel safe Deep down, we all know our worth We just need someone to truly love us first So we tip toe around these crowded rooms Hoping someone in attendance might be able to dress our wounds We cry without uttering a single word So gather close, circle round Cause maybe you’ve just never heard And I’ll tell you the story of the Love I’ve found About the Truth embedded in you long before your birth I’ll ask once more What are these words worth?