Being As An Ocean - The Sea Always Seems to Put Me At Ease Lyrics

You are the topic of every epic we have ever been told And as I stand on this cliff, the wind whips through me and I am made bold Once again, Your presence creeps into my consciousness Grace made tangible in this newly anointed place And I am brought to my clear senses That none of my perceived failings or disgrace Has ever touched my being or inheritance I am whole, I am clean, I am free And I brought to my knees Sink in; permeate this weary flesh Breathe; life as clean and fresh As the salt-seasoned breeze Please Father, pull me to my feet

‘Why are you kneeling, my son? I put strength in that back-bone Knowing that you would fall But I promise, you will never taste defeat You are whole, you are clean, you are free Get up, rise from your knees!’

We can no longer linger in the shadows of our shame and brokenness For as sure as the wind blows He has already redeemed all of this Live as whole, live as clean, live as free Everything you were made to be Standing at the edge of self-discovery Tired and weary Our body trembles, buckles We are afraid of being hurt again Been stabbed in the back by our own friends We don’t know if we can mend Minds riddled with unsuccessful recoveries We’re scared Lord, we’re terrified But dive in we must Cause there has to be something better than this For we see testimony of You in the sea Your creation, all of nature So with a sudden rush We abandon our solitary perching place And as we wash away the mourning dust Immersed; we see Your face